Nothing changes until we think differently.

Cognitive Ink | Design Thinking Studio | Sydney


Fear, conformity and biases make it easy to compromise. Though new problems are inevitable, well-designed and valuable solutions are not. We all pay a price for this.

Small on purpose, Cognitive Ink’s independence means we can embrace diverse ways of thinking. With an honest and passionate commitment to quality, we can ask the tough questions and ensure we solve the right problems. After all, the goal is more than a good experience. We must find value for you, your customers and society at large.

We provide specialised training, mentoring, field research and design thinking across the entire product / service lifecycle. Our past work has changed businesses, impacted everyday lives and won awards.

It’s hard to think differently. 

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Everything is designed, but not everything is well designed

Valuable design builds entire industries, empowers better lives and enriches the environment. Poor design does the opposite. The return of investment from design is far deeper than satisfaction, customer promotion or ease-of-use. Well designed products and services deliver value by solving the right problems; they allow new ways of living, make people safer and create meaning.


We choose to work with organisations that seek to create exceptional impact.

We’ve worked with MoneyBrilliant, Sanofi, AMP, Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Jobs and Small Business.  As part of our work, we’ve worked on a wide range of experiences, including products, educational programs, mobile applications, websites, medical devices, enterprise systems and entire end-to-end services. 


Have a glimmer of a great idea or even a finished product? The best time to call us is now. Together, we can work out the right approach.