The Cognitive Ink difference: By working in a different context from the majority of people in our field we make distinct and unique connections that others often can’t. We integrate and cross-pollinate different ideas. We avoid rigid thinking and expectations. We integrate ideas from seemingly dissimilar fields to create unique solutions.

Christopher (Service Design, UX, UI)




Christopher is a social scientist, speaker, facilitator, entrepreneur and designer with fifteen years experience in dozens of aspects of design. Christopher co-founded Cognitive Ink in 2013, after a decade of providing design consulting to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. He is a commercially minded consultant and researcher, known for engaging teams and customers to think deeply, strategically and beyond the obvious solutions. He is especially skilled in projects involving complex problems, relationships and data. Christopher's passion is calm technology and in using UX to reconnect people with their communities and the environment. Obsessed with understanding the way that users think and behave, Christopher's expertise is founded on a Masters degree in Cognitive Psychology and UX, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Human Factors (a specialist discipline involving designing for the physical and mental abilities and limitations of human beings). He is also skilled in guiding and leading teams and holds Prince II certifification in Project Management.

Anna (Business Analysis, UX, UI)

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Anna is a lawyer with a deep interest in humanities. She co-founded Cognitive Ink after fifteen years of business analysis and design experience across a wide range of industries. Passionate about creating accurate solutions, Anna loves to immerse herself in fully understanding the detail of her projects, asking in depth questions and understanding data, complex problems and technical details. Anna has deep knowledge and experience in finance and business-related design projects, built on a foundation of multiple degrees in law, finance and investment. Combining technology with creativity, Anna is an advocate for communicating problems, ideas and solutions visually.