Nothing changes until we think differently.

Strategy, Research & Design Studio | Sydney


Cognitive Ink is a strategy, research and design studio. We are based in Australia, but work globally. Small on purpose, Cognitive Ink’s independence means we have the freedom to explore diverse ways of thinking, ask the interesting questions and solve the right problems. Our past work over the past six years, has changed businesses, impacted everyday lives and won awards.

Strategy, research and design with a difference

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Everything is made, but not everything is well-made

Everything in our world is made, but not everything is well-made. Poor thinking creates an inability to break out of existing paradigms. Causes people to struggle to envision the future. Creates expensive and time consuming failures. Leaves organisations confused about what people need. It’s hard to think differently. Fear, social pressure and habit make it easy to conform. New challenges are inevitable, but our ability innovate is not. In contrast, products, services, policies and ideas backed by powerful research, strategy and design deliver value by solving the right problems. They allow new ways of living, make people safer and create meaning and they make change that matters. 

Everything we make has a lifecycle - products, services, policies and ideas. They are born into the world and they provide value, while being improved or upgraded. Then, they are retired (and recycled) making way for new things. There are many places in this process where it is easy to loose direction. With three interlinked services - Strategy, Research and Design, we help individuals, groups and organisations create change that matters. 

We can help you through the entire product, service and policy lifecycle


We’ve worked with organisations that create impact

Our past work reflects a commitment to projects that create impact, including: 86400, Healthdirect, MoneyBrilliant, Healthtech Sydney, Sanofi, AMP, Telstra and We’ve researched and designed policies, appliances, educational programs, mobile applications, websites, medical devices, enterprise systems and entire end-to-end services.

Chris and the team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Both Chris & Anna have a tremendous skill for connecting with customers and building confidence and trust. Cognitive Ink have a unique approach to engaging customers and creating an interactive experience. If you need some help connecting with what customers really want, they’ll certainly be able to help.
— Adrian Nowell (Head of Banking Product at 86400)