Axure training for the Australian Department of Employment

Client: Australian Department of Employment

Locations: Canberra and Sydney

In late 2014 and early 2015, we conducted a very large sequence of Axure training sessions for a significant government client; the Department of Employment. The nine sessions were conducted over a month in both Sydney and Canberra, training 67 participants in total. Training sessions were tailored according to participant skill levels and specific skills required for anticipated projects.


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Over the past five years Cognitive Ink has been the approved training provider in Australia and New Zealand for Axure RP, a software application we use extensively in our own UX consulting work.

Axure enables us to create interactive html  prototypes without the need for any programming knowledge, thereby allowing project teams and stakeholders to "try out" and test new systems before they are even built.


Understanding the participants and business

Prior to conducting the training course we conducted an online assessment of each participant's skills and needs. The results revealed that some of the participants were absolute beginners, while others already used Axure for their projects and required training in more advanced techniques.

Our training also needed to take account of a number of business needs, including an existing library of business-specific website elements that participants would need to learn to load and use, as well as anticipated future mobile-specific projects.


Targeted teaching techniques

People tend to feel most comfortable asking questions when in the presence of others with similar abilities, so participants were grouped according to skill level. This also ensured that the pace and difficulty of each workshop was manageable and provided genuine learning opportunities for all participants. 

Psychology, which underpins our UX methods, also comes into play with our training structure. We also conducted the training taking two different teaching approaches according to skill level. Beginners were provided with deep explanations of context and concept detail upfront before attempting tasks, while advanced students preferred to demonstrate their skills first, and then expand on existing knowledge.


Learning a tool with as much potential as Axure involves a mix of practical skills and creative problem solving, and to reflect this, we provided the training in the context of hands-on practical learning intermixed with off-computer group discussions and brainstorming sessions. 



Post-course reviews with participants indicated confirmed we had provided an enriching and engaging learning experience.

The training was enjoyable and tailored to cater for those who had never used it before, through to those who had used it for years. The knowledge imparted on us made working with the tool easier and left us excited about what we can achieve. I would strongly recommend Christopher and his team to anyone needing Axure training.
— Product owner and user interface specialist, November 2014
Chris was a very engaging instructor who was knowledgeable about his subject matter. He was able to tailor his teaching method so that he could help the students who were having trouble, whilst setting separate, more challenging tasks for the more advanced students.
— Participant, November 2014
The instructor presented himself in an easy to talk to manner. He showed that he wanted to continue to improve his own skills, so he was genuinely listening to the students as the proved alternative solutions/methods of thinking when it came to Axure problems.
— Matt, Participant, November 2014



Do you or your team need some help with Axure? Cognitive Ink offers a range of approved training options, including one-on-one mentoring and tailored courses. Our standard courses are listed on our Axure Training page.

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