Training: Introduction to design thinking

Custom in-house training | 2 - 4 days | Up to 15 people per group | Price on Application



This is an invaluable team-based course for those involved in innovating and designing products and services. Especially Business Analysts, Product Managers and start-up Founders. We will show you how to combine well-tested design thinking techniques to enable you to really understand your customers, and to creatively problem solve to invent solutions that will truly resonate with the people you wish to serve.


Example topics


What is design thinking and how can can it help your business or organisation? When can it be of most use? How can we think more creatively?



We explore the most crucial questions in design thinking for a project, including: Why are we here? (What problem are we trying to solve?) Who is this for? What is it for? How do we know that we're succeeding? We help you build creative teams by working with your team’s strengths and within project constraints. We show you how flexible project planning can help you select the right techniques for your project.


Understanding your customers

Who are your real customers and what do they actually need? We teach you research skills and approaches that will let you deeply understand your customers’ lives, experiences, perspectives and needs. You will be surprised at how your own perspective will change and the new ideas that will spark as a result.


Making sense of Insights

What does your research mean? Taking what you know about your customers and turning it into insights forms a powerful foundation for developing your products and services. We show you how insights are different from data, how to use affinity mapping techniques to find them and how to springboard into design.


Designing and Building

How do I design something that responds to the insights I've just found? From customer journeys to prototyping to design sprints, we show you how to turn your insights into real designs, how to test them, change them, learn from them and also put the finished product out into the world.


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