Services: TESting

What is testing? 

When you test something, especially when you test an existing solution or richly prototyped idea, you bring honesty to the process of evaluating whether a solution works. What might seem like a good idea within a team or business may not work as well when put in front of the person who actually has to use the product or service. They may lack much of the interior knowledge that has been built up around a product or service. You can test both new or existing products and services. Testing new products can give you insights about what you might need to change before committing significant resources to building and releasing a product and service into the world. Testing existing products can tell you if there are crucial challenges that you can fix with an existing product or services, improving its experience with the user.

Questions to answer

  • How do we know our ideas work?

  • What can we learn from what we have? 

  • Are there things we can fix?

What can we do? 

  • Usability testing - Working with real users to explore how your product or service works.

  • Audits - Conducting expert audits of existing or prototyped solutions to explore short and long term fixes.