Services: design

What is design? 

Design is about innovating from insights and new technologies to design your product, service, policy or idea. The word ‘design’ comes from the original root word ‘designre,’ which means ‘to mark.’ To design is to plan something that has an intended outcome. Design’s power is its ability to focus on solving the right problems and make future solutions visible. The innovation in design comes from two core inspirations. Firstly, a better understanding of the problems, patterns, insights and true drivers of behaviour in context. Secondly, exploring unexpected opportunities delivered by new technologies. With design, you might innovate new way of doing something you already do. Or you may need to be more ambitious and rethink everything; new products, services and business models. We can help you create a safe space to design and test new ideas. We can help you with all the thinking required to innovate a new idea and design every facet of its detail. 

Questions to answer

  • What ideas do we have?

  • What will it look like? 

  • How will it work? 

  • How can we build it? 

  • How should we prioritise what we build?

What can we do? 

  • Ideation - Design thinking insight and ideation workshops to generate new products, services, policies and ideas.

  • Blueprints and journeys - Service design blueprints, journey modelling and storyboarding to visualise every aspect of a new product and service.

  • Prioritisation - Prioritisation of features and functions.

  • Requirements - Detailed experience requirements, including user stories, workflow and specifications.

  • Design - UX / UI / Expeirence and interface design, prototyping and wireframing of detailed soutions. 

  • Responsive - Responsive design, including digital displays (mobile, tablet, desktop, physical items with a digital display) and physical items (e.g., forms).

  • Prototypes - Clickable, interactive or simulated prototypes to experiences ideas before creation. 

  • Build support - Build team mentoring and support during the build process