"I want to make my existing product or service better" 

When you have confidence in your solutions, but know it's time to make some changes, then you need to consider optimisation or remaking your product or service.

Optimisation is a good strategy if you know the foundation of your solution is right. However, it remains a crucial choice knowing when to optimise something or to remake it. Given many programs of work have a fixed delivery capacity, understanding the nature and priority of the problems and solutions is central to efficiently optimising. We can help you identify and plan out a program of optimisation, with associated validation to ensure you are achieving the right outcomes.

Knowing when to optimise something, or to remake it entirely is a crucial choice. It is a significant investment of resources, even if you preserve concepts, architecture or approaches from the original solution. However, you can reach a point at which optimisation is creating a declining return; where each extra commitment of effort only produces a marginal increase in your outcomes. In our experience, a significant number of projects are optimised for too long.

When you need to start fresh, then we can help you with the bottom-up and top-down thinking required to create a sound foundation upon which to build a remade solution. We can provide the complete strategy, research and design support alongside your entire remaking journey. We work with a wide range of team structures and delivery methodologies to ensure that we deliver value. Regardless of channel (method of interaction with users) we use a rigorous and visible model-based design methodology to ensure that the user experiences integrate.

Keep in mind, if you feel you need to re-make your solution but are concerned of the commitment required, then we can explore shorter tactical 'remaking' sprints that give you a better estimate of the effort required to start fresh.


  • Complete information architecture for digital solutions. 
  • Change management to ensure uptake of new solutions
  • Requirements formulation to guide the build
  • Business model adjustments associated with a remade solutions
  • Prototyping and Validation of ideas to compare their impact before committing development resources
  • Ideation of ideal long-term target state (North Star), against which all optimisations should be aiming
  • New Ways-of-working for a remaking team
  • Measurement frameworks to ensure
  • Operationalisation and Rollout of new solutions into existing or new business operations
  • UX and Interaction design across all crucial touchpoints to create the right user experiences
  • Journey mapping As-is vs To-be journeys to explore the strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions versus where we need to be

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