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"We need help preparing us for success"

You may be at the beginning of a project, midway through a piece of work or dealing with ongoing business activity when you realize that you might not be as well prepared as you would like to be. Did you know that inconsistent or flawed ways-of-working can be the most wasteful behaviours of any type of team based activity? Sometimes, the right move is taking the extra time to get more prepared so you can work more effectively later. We can help you improve in many ways. Perhaps you need to build up existing skill sets or find and train entirely new ones. More importantly, we can work with you to find out and improve how team members carry out their work.

Specific services

  • Developing new Ways of Working for your people and teams
  • Creating internal program, project, design or delivery frameworks
  • Evaluating team capability and/or personality makeup
  • Training broad design methodologies or specific skills sets, can include: Axure RP prototyping, Human Centred Design (HCD), Design Thinking, Design methodology, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) and Interaction Design, Wireframing.

Case studies