"We've got something already, but we want to check it's right what I might be able to fix"

If you already feel you've got an existing system, solution, or offering that is working, but just want to confirm your instincts, then it's worth some sort of validation. Finding out how well something works is crucial to understanding the status quo, even when you feel confident. No matter our good intentions, it is easy to become biased about how well something works, or doesn't. We can help confirm if you are on the right path or what adjustments can bring you back to where you need to be. To provide validation, we can put together any scale of evaluation ranging from very tactical and rapid criteria (heuristic) driven evaluations, through to live testing with actual users or a representative sample of people.

When you have confidence in your solutions, but know it's time to make some changes, then you need to consider optimisation. Optimisation is a good strategy if you know the foundation of your solution is right. However, it remains a crucial choice knowing when to optimise something or to remake it. Given many programs of work have a fixed delivery capacity, understanding the nature and priority of the problems and solutions is central to efficiently optimising. We can help you identify and plan out a program of optimisation, with associated validation to ensure you are achieving the right outcomes.

Specific services

  • Heuristic reviews using criterion to evaluate existing products and services
  • Workshops and Interviews with users to explore the strengths and weaknesses of an existing service
  • Prioritisation workshops to understand the value vs cost of a program of optimisations
  • Usability testing or eye-tracking digital, physical products or services
  • Surveys to explore the baselines of existing experiences
  • Baselines to allow you to track your progress over time.
  • Prototyping and Validation of ideas to compare their impact before committing development resources

Case studies