a beginner's guide to axure 7.0

Christopher Roosen and Anna Roosen are pleased to bring you "A Beginner's Guide to Axure 7.0", now available in kindle format in the Amazon store. 

The book is written for anyone involved in software design who needs to learn how to use Axure RP 7.0 in a minimal amount of time. Axure is a leading prototyping tool used to create rapid "drag and drop" designs for web, desktop and mobile applications, without the need for code. 

No previous knowledge of the tool is required, and the two expert-level authors take you right from the basics, and cut through to the essential skills you really need to create rich interactive designs. Many examples and practical real-world tips are included, to help improve the quality of your designs and make your prototyping more efficient. 

Concepts and techniques covered include: Getting started, the Axure interface, file management, the main menu, managing panels, the sitemap, page notes, the canvas, guidelines, widgets, annotations, designing using only images, modifying widgets (widget-by-widget formatting, global formatting and widget libraries), page formatting, masters, how to create consistent designs, simple widget interactions, simple page interactions, dynamic panels, simple and complex interactions, shortcuts, generating prototypes, generating page images, creating flowcharts, generating specification documents, providing prototypes to clients, and designing mobile applications.