"I want to completely remake my existing product or service" 

Knowing when to optimise something, or to remake it entirely is a crucial choice. It is a significant investment of resources, even if you preserve concepts, architecture or approaches from the original solution. However, you can reach a point at which optimisation is creating a declining return; where each extra commitment of effort only produces a marginal increase in your outcomes. In our experience, a significant number of projects are optimised for too long.

When you need to start fresh, then we can help you with the bottom-up and top-down thinking required to create a sound foundation upon which to build a remade solution. We can provide the complete strategy, research and design support alongside your entire remaking journey. We work with a wide range of team structures and delivery methodologies to ensure that we deliver value. Regardless of channel (method of interaction with users) we use a rigorous and visible model-based design methodology to ensure that the user experiences integrate.

Keep in mind, if you feel you need to re-make your solution but are concerned of the commitment required, then we can explore shorter tactical 'remaking' sprints that give you a better estimate of the effort required to start fresh.


  • Complete information architecture for digital solutions. 
  • Change management to ensure uptake of new solutions
  • Requirements formulation to guide the build
  • Business model adjustments associated with a remade solutions
  • Prototypes and validation of solutions to ensure delivery of needed outcomes
  • Journeys or workflows of both the as-is or to-be solutions
  • New Ways-of-working for a remaking team
  • Measurement frameworks to ensure
  • Operationalisation and Rollout of new solutions into existing or new business operations
  • UX and Interaction design across all crucial touchpoints to create the right user experiences

Case studies