"I'd like to understand the changes needed to make my existing product or service much better"

When you have confidence in your solutions, but know it's time to make some changes, then you need to consider optimisation. Optimisation is a good strategy if you know the foundation of your solution is right. However, it remains a crucial choice knowing when to optimise something or to remake it. Given many programs of work have a fixed delivery capacity, understanding the nature and priority of the problems and solutions is central to efficiently optimising. We can help you identify and plan out a program of optimisation, with associated validation to ensure you are achieving the right outcomes.


  • Workshops, surveys or interviews to understand pain-points of existing solutions
  • Prioritisation workshops to understand the value vs cost of a program of optimisations
  • Prototyping and Validation of ideas to compare their impact before comitting development resources
  • Journey mapping As-is vs To-be journeys to explore the strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions versus where we need to be
  • Ideation of ideal long-term target state (North Star), against which all optimisations should be aiming

Case studies