"I want to explore a domain for insight and turn it into new products or services"

It usually starts with an idea, and sometimes not even that. Often it starts with a problem. Innovation, by definition, represents radical change. Optimising or re-making existing experiences are not typically innovations because they inherit existing assumptions about how things work. Conversely, just asking people what they want, isn't enough. At best it gives little insight. At worse, it can lead to misguided or biased decisions about new or existing product or service ideas.

Innovation is about a two fold source of inspiration. Firstly, a better understanding of the problems, patterns, insights and true drivers of behaviour before exploring solutions. Secondly, exploring unexpected outcomes delivered by fundamentally new capabilities or ways of being.

Innovation without either the confident foundation of insight or room to explore new capabilities can be a distracting, expensive and futile exercise. The risks of innovation do not in any way detract from it's long-term opportunities. Instead, it reinforces the need to do it right.

We can support end-to-end short sprints of exploratory innovation as well as long-term embedded innovation projects.

Specific services

  • Insight and ideation workshops to explore the implicit needs that drive users
  • Omni-channel journey modelling to explore many possible futures
  • Prioritisation of minimum love-able releases to validate business models, concepts or approaches
  • Deep User research to empathise and explain their motivations, constraints and needs
  • Rich Personas and other visual explanatory assets to understand the people that may be experiencing the future solution
  • Risk and Opportunity management
  • Competitive reviews of systems from similar or different domain areas

Case studies