"I want to explore the the past, present and future to understand new and likely disruptive outcomes" 

Sometimes you need to rethink everything. New markets, new business models, new outcomes. Ideas to change the world, ideas to create or reach new worlds. Disruption lives in a space even beyond even the innovation of new ideas. Where innovation may be constrained by a needed or hoped for outcome, disruption Combining things in new and novel ways, seeing patterns from the past that have new relevance, understanding something in nature that helps us see our built environment differently, creating a radically different imagined future that tells us something about today. Disruption can be risky and prone to necessary failure. Failure can teach the most important lessons. Disruption can be as much about the cognitive, emotional and cultural journey as it is the practical one. We can help you explore disruption, both through short but impactfull disruptive sprints through to programs of work that reinvent your entire business.

Specific services

  • Multi-domain trend exploration to understand the potential in a variety of domains
  • Theories of behaviour to understand how and why people act as they do
  • Role play and Storytelling to brainstorm alternate worlds
  • Experiments to understand the relationship between users and new capabilities
  • Immersive engagement with potential users in the wild
  • Ideation of past, present and future experiences
  • Forecasting and Trend analysis of a market, social behavior, technology or domain
  • Ideation of new concepts, solutions, systems or ways of being

Case studies