About Cognitive Ink

The Cognitive Ink difference: By working in a different context from the majority of people in our field we make distinct and unique connections that others often can’t. We integrate and cross-pollinate different ideas. We avoid rigid thinking and expectations. We integrate ideas from seemingly dissimilar fields to create unique solutions.


 Christopher is a social scientist, speaker, facilitator, entrepreneur and designer having consistently worked as in various aspects of design for fifteen years. Christopher's expertise is founded on a Masters degree in Cognitive Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Human Factors (a specialist discipline involving designing for the physical and mental abilities and limitations of human beings).


I believe that design - done well - can give us all lives with more time, freedom and meaning. I hold Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws (Awarded with Honours) degrees, with certifications in financial, technical and process business analysis. My Masters thesis focused on how law needs to evolve as a result of emerging technologies and innovations.