The Cognitive Ink difference: By working in a different context from the majority of people in our field we make distinct and unique connections that others often can’t. We integrate and cross-pollinate different ideas. We avoid rigid thinking and expectations. We integrate ideas from seemingly dissimilar fields to create unique solutions.


Christopher (Service Design, UX, UI)

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Christopher is a social scientist, speaker, facilitator, entrepreneur and designer having consistently worked as in various aspects of design since 2003. Christopher co-founded Cognitive Ink in 2013, after a decade of providing design consulting to businesses and governments across Australia and New Zealand. He is a commercially minded consultant and researcher, known for engaging teams and customers to think deeply, strategically and beyond the obvious solutions. He can provide design support from the most strategic business modelling through to the most practical information architecture, workflows and UX/UI design for web, mobile, apps and voice interfaces. He is especially skilled in projects involving complex problems and large scale service ecosystems. Christopher's passion is using design to reconnect people with their communities and the environment. Obsessed with understanding the way that users think and behave, Christopher's expertise is founded on a Masters degree in Cognitive Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Human Factors (a specialist discipline involving designing for the physical and mental abilities and limitations of human beings). He is also skilled in guiding and leading teams and holds Prince II certification in Project Management.


Anna (Business Analysis, UX, UI)

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I believe that design - done well - can give us all lives with more time, freedom and meaning. My unique background means that I understand problems and solutions from many different perspectives - from the experience of the customer, to business models and structuring, to how products and services are built and delivered, and their underlying data. As a result I work in technology/service design projects across many complex domains such as healthcare and banking services.

I hold Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws (Awarded with Honours) degrees, with certifications in financial, technical and process business analysis. My Masters thesis focused on how law needs to evolve as a result of emerging technologies and innovations. I love the interlinking of ideas across disciplines and read extensively across areas of science, history, social psychology, anthropology, linguistics and art.


Our Team

At Cognitive Ink we believe that the best products, solutions and ideas come from having the best people on the right projects. To do this we put together a custom team for each project, pulling from a network of specialists with relationships going back decades. We worth with senior professionals who enjoy working the way we do and share our dedication to providing the best outcomes for our clients.