About Cognitive Ink

Nothing changes until we think differently. Fear, conformity, and our incentives combine to keep is confined to a specific way of thinking. The cultures we live in; workplaces, schools and communities, reinforce these boundaries and we are punished for thinking differently. 

Before founding Cognitive Ink, we spent years working within the grip of these forces. In a wide variety of roles, across a number of domains, we pushed to change organisations from within. Then, one day we realised something profound; organisations cannot inspire change internaly. As self-reinforcing systems, they are not inherently built to think differently. 

Organisations need an independent voice to prompt or provoke new thinking. Organisations need people to ask the un-asked questions, to challenge assumptions and to embrace real diversity. We founded Cognitive Ink in 2013 with a commitment to provide the crucial external voice that champions the diversity of needs of customers, employees and the society in which an organisation exists. 

It’s easy to promote diversity, but to genuinely provide you must live it. By keeping small on purpose, we protect and retain our independence. We can do real justice to quality by avoiding the same cost demands of a larger and less flexible business. Thus, we find value for you, your customers, your employees and society at large.